Springdale Benevolent Foundation

The Rodeo of the Ozarks began over 68 years ago as a dream of a group of Springdale businessmen. There are differences though from small wooden bleachers and and rigged bucking chutes made out of oak timber cut just days before, to seel holding pens and specially designed chutes, steel under-framed bleachers seating 9,000 and parking for hundreds of cars.

Other things are the same. There is still a feel of patriotism for country and people and a native in-born pride in accomplishment for the city and area.

The Springdale Benevolent Foundation, a nonprofit (501c3) organization, was formed in 2003. This organization continues the mission work of providing family entertainment to Springdale and Northwest Arkansas and to maintain our link to our agricultural and rural heritage.

We are here for Springdale and Northwest Arkansas. Its Youth ! Its Business ! Its Community Life!

The Springdale Benevolent Foundation works with the Springdale Public Schools and the youth of Springdale. Each year over 2,000 first graders from throughout the district study the economic impact of the Rodeo on Springdale. This unit in economics finalizes with a “Stick Horse” rodeo each spring. The first graders come to the rodeo grounds and experience hands-on activities in connection with livestock, horses, and rodeo events. Various activities are scheduled throughout the day that encourage western heritage and the love of the cowboy way.

The Springdale Benevolent Foundation has a scholarship program for Springdale seniors who plan to continue their education in agriculture. These four-year scholarships offer recipients the opportunity for students to realize their dreams.

The Foundation Board also works with several youth riding groups providing arena use at no charge. These groups include the Springdale Riding Club, The Ozark Junior Rodeo Association, the Springdale High School Rodeo, and the Benton County 4-H.
One of the highlights of the annual Rodeo of the Ozarks is the “Special Rodeo” for special children. In cooperation with the Springdale Public Schools, physically and mentally challenged children are given the opportunity to have a hands-on rodeo experience. What a wonderful event with the children being assisted by the Rodeo Clown, Queens, and Cowboys!

In 2000 the Rodeo of the Ozarks took over the reins of the Christmas Parade of the Ozarks, which is held on the Saturday following Thanksgiving each year. This has proven to be an important event for Springdale and the surrounding area in connection with the Christmas Season.

The Board of Directors has positioned the Foundation for continued growth in the years to come. We have been very fortunate throughout the years to have the support of the entire community. We have important plans for improving the arena and ground in the coming years and continue to need your help.

We invite you to consider a financial gift, to the Springdale Benevolent Foundation to help us continue to improve the facilities and to further our work to provide quality family entertainment and to help maintain our agricultural and western heritage.

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